Small Business Loans up to $350K

Global Funding Sources is redefining SBA lending through its advanced technology platform. Global Funding Sources acts as a packaging and referral agent for small businesses, and as a technology provider to preferred SBA lenders. The online application is streamlined and efficient, enabling business owners easy access to low rates and long-term loans.

Product Overview

• Loan Size Loan: $30 – $350K
• SBA 7(a) loan
• Pre-qualify in 5 minutes
• Conditional Approvals in ~30 minutes
• Funding as fast as 7 days after application is complete
• Interest Rate: $30-$49K: 7.25% (Prime plus 2.75%-3.75%)
• Interest Rate: $50-$350K: 6.25% (Prime plus 2.75%-3.75%)
• Loan Terms: 10-year term with no prepayment penalty
• Payment: Monthly payments are debited from checking account
• Security: Blanket Lien on Fixed Business Assets & Personal Guaranty
• Minimum 600 FICO for loans <$150,000
• Minimum 650 FICO for loans >$150,000
• Minimum 150 SBSS Score