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At Global Funding Sources, we pride ourselves on helping traditionally difficult to fund industries such as restaurants and hospitality businesses obtain the needed capital to fuel their success. Whether it is a Working Capital Loan or a Line of Credit, we offer flexible payment options tailored to the unique needs of the business owner.  We work directly with the top private lenders in the country, including  champions of restaurant and hospitality businesses since 2001, whom have delivered over $810,000,000 in funding to merchants nationwide. Our strength and longevity are based on a commitment to responsible lending and service excellence while providing  affordable financial solutions for our clients and helping them grow their business and increase profitability.

If your restaurant or establishment is being forced to scale back operations due to an unexpected dip in cash flow, our Working Capital Loan is the perfect solution. It offers a quick infusion of cash without the need for collateral.

When opportunity knocks, business conditions change or unexpected issues arise, your clients will be ready. Our Line of Credit gives them 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. They can draw funds as needed and only pay for what they take!

Many restaurant owners simply don’t dream big because they can’t afford to borrow the funds they need. Our industry leading Flex Pay loan solves that problem! Flex Pay allows you to defer up to 50% of the loan principal into the future, resulting in the lowest payments now! This unique flexibility keeps you in control and provides the lowest cost of money while maximizing your cash flow. You can seize high ROI growth opportunities now and defer the principal until you are ready to pay. Our repayment options are so flexible that you can pay back the deferred principal in a lump sum, refinance it, or extend your terms to keep your payments at the same low amount! Our focus with Flex Pay is simple: provide the financing you need to grow, with the loan terms that make sense, and keep your business moving forward and cash rich! That’s flexible financing made easy!

We Provide Loans from $5,000 to $2,500,000

• Collateral is not required on amounts up to $750,000
• Terms from 12 to 36 months • Approvals in 24 to 48 hours
• Fundings in as little as 3 days • Streamlined process and limited paperwork
• Repayment is not tied to credit card transactions
• The interest is tax deductible
• Early pay-off options are available

Types of businesses we lend to:

• Restaurants, Bars, Caterers, Bakeries, Specialty Food, liquor and wine stores
• Hotels, Motels & Inns
• Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists & Orthodontists
• Salons & Spas
• Automotive Repair & Service
• And many other Business Retailers

Minimum Requirements To Prequalify:

⦁ Must be brick and mortar restaurant or hospitality business, hotel, motel, autorepair and service, medical, dental, or certain retail establishments
⦁ Open and operating for at least 3 months
⦁ Minimum annual sales of $250,000 (actual or projected)
⦁ Guarantor with a personal FICO score of 551 or higher
⦁ Client may have a maximum of 2 outstanding cash advances (short-term loans)
⦁ Restaurant and hospitality clients may qualify for up to $400,000 without review of tax returns and financials
⦁ Retail clients may qualify for up to $200,000 without review of tax returns and financials

Ready to get started? It’s ridiculously simple!

Just obtain the following 4 pieces of information below and we will do the rest:

1. Length of time in business
2. Personal credit score range of the guarantor
3. Average monthly sales (cash and credit card) for the last 3 months
4. Does the guarantor own a home and is the mortgage payments current?

That’s it! Now call us at (888) 893-4339 so we can get you pre-approved quickly!