Private Equity and Joint Venture Capital Financing

Businesses have to consider financial operations of increasing complexity in order to effectively grow and expand. Introducing joint venture or private equity into your organization can be an important part of this growth. Rockfish Funding associates are here to help our clients step into a new stage of business operations. Our experience in the world of private equity financing brings a nuanced perspective into this valuable opportunity.

Identifying Powerful Investment Strategies

Global Funding Sources has cultivated numerous strategic alliances in order to give our clients a private equity financing advantage. Our private investment associates can connect you with the financing options that will make possible corporate divestitures, management buyouts, recapitalizations, growth capital, and other quality investment opportunities

Is Investment the Right Choice?

Investing valuable capital is a serious decision and we aim to provide the assistance necessary to help you make the decision that is right for your organization. These are some of the elements that we look for in a potential investment:

  • Ability to generate capital
  • Ability to increase and enrich value
  • A strong management team already in place
  • Potential for significant growth across all major metrics
  • An exit strategy that is clearly defined and up to date

You Can Depend on Our Expertise!

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