Accounts Receivable Financing Made Simple

When you choose accounts receivable financing with Global Funding Sources, you’re choosing economic freedom and peace of mind. After all, receivable financing relies on your customer’s credit, not yours. As a result, when you opt for this kind of financing, you’re investing in an asset.

The Benefits to You

When you opt for financing receivables, you’re opting for the flexibility and scope to grow, staying ahead of your competitors. It’s a particularly strong option for you if you have customers that pay up to or more than 90 days. No matter the financial status of your business or company, we can help.

Financing receivables can also give you the boost you need when you’re faced with costs for expansion, inventory, payroll or operations. Knowing that you’ve got these areas covered can allow you to focus on other initiatives and expenses.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits available to you:

  • Coverage for oversize or surprise orders
  • Freedom from fixed payments
  • Funding proportionate to increases in receivables and sales
  • Cash within 24 hours
  • Funding for early payment
  • Freedom from personal guarantees
  • Bandwidth to take on new opportunities or handle seasonal demands

Learn More About the Benefits

As you can see, the benefits are growth-focused, giving you the freedom and confidence to go forward successfully. Contact our experts today to learn more about accounts receivable benefits with Global Funding Sources.