Acquisition Financing and Business Mergers

Securing capital and the best financing terms for an acquisition can be daunting and challenging. In pursuing an acquisition there are always key items to consider such as the continued growth opportunity provided by the target company, purchase price, and financing terms. Many acquisitions fail due to these priorities not being in line, say M&A experts. For instance, a common mistake buyers make is to focus on an attractive purchase price, rather than the strategic importance of the company’s present and future growth plans.

Several complex financial operations have to be taken care of in order for mergers and acquisitions to move forward as planned. These functions typically have tight schedules that have to be maintained for the satisfaction of all stakeholders. These are just some of the reasons why working with a financial institution experienced with acquisition financing is so important. By choosing to work with Global Funding Sources not only will you be partnered with some of the most experienced financial associates in the business, you will be ensuring that this important operation moves forward according to schedule.

Developing a Financial Plan That Suits Your Organization

Financing an acquisition or merger begins by conducting a detailed, in-depth analysis of the assets held by the company that is being acquired. This analysis is transformed into a report that can be shared among stakeholders; this report is likely to be one of the central documents used during this process. For this reason, it is important that the analysis be conducted by financial professionals with experience handing the details of acquisition financing. Our associates provide important services related to acquisition, mergers, and divestment including:
• Financial and strategic advising
• Leveraged buyouts
• Structured financing

An Experienced Financial Partner By Your Side

Acquisitions often involve different layers of capital which could include bank financing, mezzanine financing and private equity. The type of business being acquired, the valuation of assets and cash flow, perceived market risk as well as growth plans, are the characteristics that determine which capital sources and financing structure is the most appropriate.  This is why you need an experienced team of commercial finance experts by your side that will work to structure a financing solution that is right for your company.  Contact Global Funding Sources today to learn more about this process.